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I) Services reached out in various areas within the financial limitation of NASEOH :
  • Mobility aids to 8809 persons with disabilities 1984-2009.
  • Corrective surgeries carried on to 186 1993 2009.
  • 4 years vocational training at NASEOH to 3384 1993 2009.
  • Employment after training to 3180 1993 - 2009.
  • Health related intervention 33, 342 1987 -2009.
  • Financial support to technical education 508 1979 2008.
  • Disabled trained under CBR Project 1905 2009.
  • Integration of deaf children 150 1993-2009.
  • Formation of self help group 35 2009.
II) Time bound projects undertaken by NASEOH over the years :
  1. Research on Total Communication for the Hearing Impaired supported by Christoffel Blinden Mission, West Germany helped NASEOH to create sign language with 3000 signs titled “Talking Hands”.
  2. An action oriented research was conducted on “Education of Family in Relation to Disabled”, with the financial assistance from Christoffel Blinden Mission.
  3. Eye Care Project : This project was implemented in 5 slum colonies at Chembur. This project included training of 5 community health care workers,  and enlisting people requiring Cataract Operations and treatment for various eye infections. Sight Savers India Supported this project.
  4. Promotion of Prevention , Health Care and Education, supported by MIMISA, Netherland, was implemented in slum colonies with the help of trained community health volunteers.
  5. Prevention of Blindness in the major slums of Bombay was completed with the financial assistance from stiching National Revalidate Fords, Nietherland.
  6. Conducted Early detection and community based rehabilitation of children with conductive, neural deafness, in 16 colonies of Dharavi slums in collaboration with PSM department of LTMG Medical College. This project was supported by OXFAM, Hong Kong.
  7. Study on Nutritional Deficiency in Physically Disabled was conducted on 500 children attending Pediatric clinic at All India Institute of Physical Medicine, Mumbai.
  8. 8750 children were screened and provided Vitamin ‘A’ attending 19 BMC Schools at Khar, Mumbai. Rotary Club of Bomaby Khar, supported this project.
  9. Reproductive Health of Women and Boys & Girls in productive age group was implemented in collaboration with Deepam Educational Society for Health, Chennai. 2000 families were selected for this project.
  10. Conducted leadership training program for rag pickers.
  11. Save the children from Hepatities ‘B’. 5779 BMC school children were immunized against Hepatities ‘B’. This was supported by Federal   Republic of Germany.
  12. MEMISA supported study on Promotion of Preventive Health Care Education for 5 slum colonies in Chembur.
  13. Undertook Controlling Childhood Blindness project, supported by sight savers on 15,475 children in Mumbai.
  14. Undertook a project on Identification and Management of Hansen diseases in collaboration with Bombay Leprosy Project.
  15. Awareness on Leprosy – sponsored by Alert India. 47528 families were covered under this project.

III   NASEOH through its research division completed following studies :
a) Cognitive Development of Blind and Sighted Children . This was funded by UNICEF.

b) Comparative study of achievement levels of Blind and Deaf students placed in Special School and integrated programs in Delhi and Calcutta supported by Human Resources Development.

  • Conducted first refresher Course for the Teachers of Blind at Mumbai supported by Rehabilitation Council of India.
  • Study on Maladaptive behaviour of 200 Blind students in Delhi School supported by Ministry Welfare by R Division.
  • Total approach to Disability prevention at Indoor District supported by CEBMO.
  • Operated Study Centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University at Delhi.
  • Identification of jobs in Industries for the disabled in Rajasthan supported by NORAD.
  • A book entitled ‘you and your child’ a parental guide for coping with mental retardation was published by NASEOH.s.
  • A project to generate information regarding Aids & Appliances available for the visually Impaired in collaboration with National Institute for the visually impaired was undertaken.
  • Conducted house to house survey at the request of Plan International in Nizammuddin area, requiring various type of assistance.
  • Development of a Congenial work environment for the disabled in a multi-category workshop was prepared at the request of Ministry of Welfare.
  • A Study on Women with disability in India was conducted for ILO.
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