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Services - Education
NASEOH runs two facilities at the premises to strengthen the development of children with disabilities.

I) Falguni Learning Center :
For Children with Special Needs was established in 1995-96 to meet the following objectives :
1. to enhance physical, mental and emotional growth,
2. to develop child’s motor, sensory-perceptual, cognitive abilities and social skills,
3. to make the child independent to his fullest potential,
4. to involve parent in the day to day learning process of the child,
5. to prepare the child for inclusion informal main stream school or special school.

Professional Support :
This center is being supported by :
1. Special Educators.
2. Para medicos.

Admission - 1- 10 years.

II) Muskan Balmandir :
In the year 2006, NASEOH set up with the support from Sar-La Education Trust, New Delhi, an integrated pre-school programme.

Muskan Balmandir Provides :
  • Rich environment in which children have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities appropriate to their developmental level.
  • A climate of living together in harmony.
  • Education to imbibe the values of love, truth and tolerance.
  • Support for children’s healthy development, pleasure of learning and living happily.
  • Ways children develop in Muskan Balmandir :
    a) Development as a person
    b) Social development
    c) Intellectual development
    d) Physical development
    e) Emotional development
    f) Creative development
Professional Support :
1. Special Educator.
2. Educator from Early Education.

Language of Learning :
English - Marathi - Hindi

III) Other Service :
NASEOH  supports Integrated Education of the Deaf in association with Central School for the Deaf.
Financial support to disabled undergoing Technical Education in Industrial Technical Institutes.
"We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world." ~ Helen Keller ~
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