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Give India
While you have gotten listed a while ago, you could avail of the benefits mentioned below by simply adding the attached banner to your website and linking back to your organizationís page on GiveIndia.

Benefits to your NGO:
As more of your donors support you through GiveIndia, the more you will benefit. This is because:
  • you will save on both time and effort related to sending out receipts to each of your donors
  • the money that you save with regards to the printing of receipts, posting of letters etc. can now be saved and utilized for other purposes
  • lesser accounting entries will make your bookkeeping work both easier as well as less time-consuming
  • your can provide donors located even in the US and the UK tax benefits for their donations easily
Benefits to your donors:
There are benefits for your donors as well:
  • no matter which part of the world they are located in, your donors can now donate to you with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • they can donate to your organization with confidence, knowing that the site is secure and that their personal information is safe
  • getting an e-receipt as soon as their payment for a donation has been received by us assures them that their transaction has be completed safely
  • the promise of a feedback report assures them that their donation will be used as specified and hence, they are motivated to donate again
  • they get tax benefits if they pay taxes in India, the US or the UK
  • they can use the Gift a Donation feature
If you require any assistance with these suggestions, please feel free to contact

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