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Programs - Health

NASEOH regularly undertakes programs and workshops to empower the school teachers, community leaders, community health volunteers and families.

  1. Importance of Vaccinations and Vitamin ‘A’ for Community.
  2. Epilepsy treatment and Management – teachers.
  3. Family spacing and issue covering early marriages and gyneac problems for community.
  4. On Disability Management for BMC Teachers.
  5. Integrated Education and Awareness on different types of disabilities for teachers.
  6. Education on Causes and Prevention of Tuberculosis.
  7. Impact on Early Child Marriages.
  8. Misconception on mental retardation and Mental illness for community.
  9. Awareness program on prevention and management of cancer for community.
  10. Maleria - Cause, effect and prevention for Community.
  11. On services carried by NASEOH for disabled, to community.
  12. Legal rights of Women.
  13. Effects of use of drugs and alcoholic drinks.
  14. On Maternal Health and Childhood diseases.

Community Educational Programs :

  1. Workshop on disability Management to teachers of ICDS India.
  2. Prevention of HIV, AIDS.
  3. Prevention and identification of disabilities.
  4. Economic independence – women with disabilities , International Women’s day.
  5. Tuberculosis – its prevention.

Integrated Education and awareness on different types of disabilities for college students , prevention & management of Cancer, Domestic violence – International Women’s day, Workshop on international education for teacher training college, Impact of early child marriage.

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