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About Us - Key Players
NASEOH is indebted to all those who have given their support initially and thereafter to strengthen our activities.

Dr. Noshir Antia :
A well known surgeon and philanthropist conceived the idea of forming an umbrella organization for all categories of disabled. With the view to support the concept of “Equal Opportunities” for differently abled.

Padmashree Capt. H.J.M. Desai :
One of the founder members of NASEOH, drafted the constitution of NASEOH. Capt. Was also involved in the Rehabilitation of Blind & closely connected with National Association for the Blind. He has been the recipient of R.M.Alpaiwala Award, Takeo IWAHASHI award for Asia, CBM Centennial Award and B.J.Modi Foundation Award. As a member of Governing Council Capt. Contributed immensely on various policies of NASEOH.

1968-1987 :
The late Shri Vijay Merchant legendary Cricketer, industrialist , philanthropist was the founder President of NASEOH. Mr.Vijay Merchant contributed his valued time, money to support the cause of disabled. Mr.Vijay Merchant was the recipient of National Award given by Government of India,  to a Best Individual work for the handicapped, The Vishwa Gujarati Award as outstanding social worker from Gujarat, B.J.Modi foundation Award from NASEOH for his exemplary voluntary services.

1972-1992 :
Late Mrs. Nama Vishnu Bhat, Mrs.Nama V Bhat was the 1st Executive Secretary of NASEOH. As  Educationist in the field of  visually handicapped, worked incessantly to the development of Visually Handicapped. As Executive Secretary of NASEOH she worked with all her passion and effort to build a multi-category workshop for the Handicapped first of its kind in Maharashtra. As a Director General of National Centre for the Handicapped, she worked relentlessly in building education, training, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for the disabled. She was the one who initiated Community Based Rehabilitation for the Rural disabled in Maharashtra. Mrs.Bhat was a good fund raiser, and remained as abled administrator. In recognition of her work, she was the Recipient of “Dalit Mitra Award”, R.M. Alpaiwalla Award and Louis Braille Award.

1984-2002 :
Late Smt. Ramaben N. Kapadia, Mrs. Rama  Kapadia served as a member of the Governing Council and Chairperson of food fund and Fund Raising Committee and helped to raise substantial funds for NASEOH for both the projects. She was involved also in the activities of Jain Yuvak Sangh and Smt.Kamla Mehta Dadar School for the Blind.

1981-2003 :
Late Balakrishna K. Mehta, a Business Icon, President Emeritus of  Sir Harikisandas Narottamdas Hospital, served NASEOH as Vice President. Mr.B.K.Mehta helped NASEOH in Fund raising, supported several activities including sports, and in building corpus fund and the establishment of Gunalaya, an open air auditorium through his personal final contribution alongwith Mrs.Hansa  B. Mehta Current President of NASEOH. He was honoured Life Time Achievement Award by ITAMMA and also appreciation Award from NASEOH.

1980-2010 :
Late Shri Srikant Khanapurkar, a Dynamic Hon.Secretary of NASEOH handled all leagal matters and activities of NASEOH’s Vocational Training Centre. Mr.S.R.Khanapurkar also contributed in bringing in corporate link to NASEOH as partners in developing new training units.

Office Bearers And Governing Council Members  2014-2017 :

Mrs. Hansa B.Mehta

Mrs. Mohini Mathur
Mr. B.D.Bhagchandani

Mr. Vinaya Mehrotra
Mr. Jayesh Marfatia

Mr. Rajesh Shah
Mr. Gaurav G. Kapadia

Dr. (Ms.) Yashu Mehta
Mrs. Kalpana Joshi
Mrs. Shyamashree Bhonsle
Mr. Rahul Nerlekar
Mr. Suresh Goklaney
Mr. Harshal Shah

Mr. Nitin Khanapurkar

Mr. Yogendra Shetty

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Mumbai – 400 071.
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