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About Us - Mission & Vision
Mission :
“To create comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society, and to enrich the life of persons with disabilities as well as the interfacing individuals and community”.

Vision :
To be an apex body, with 25% of it’s services in the field of direct intervention.
To establish a state of the art resource center, networking with various direct and indirect stakeholders in the cause of the disabled to fulfill the mission of the organisation.
As primary service providers, the focus shall be in the following areas :
  • Training of Trainers.
  • Research & Development of services and products for the community.
  • Innovations.
  • Capacity building and networking facilities for NGO’s and individuals working in the social canvas.
  • Networking with educational institutions, research bodies, corporate sector, and individuals.
  • Advocacy & Awareness with government agencies and the public at large.
  • Developing capacities in the field of resource mobilisation/project appraisal and management to provide integrated services to NGO’s and funding agencies in the field of funding and impact monitoring and effective project management.
  • Develop as a micro-financing hub for entrepreneurial initiatives from the differently-abled communities through strategic networking and alliances.
  • To develop entertainment /cultural/social enrichment modules for the community (real-time models/virtual models, etc.)
  • To develop an umbrella brand marketing various products and services. This brand would have qualities of compassion, empathy, professionalism, progressive, dynamism, aggressive, confident, non-apologetic, quality-conscious, responsible.
  • Create & sustain rural outreach models in a nodal strategy.
  • Network with global communities and develop strategic alliances.
  • Create and develop a volunteer base.
  • Creating core values in innovative solutions that revolutionize institution public sector, paradigm and benchmark.
  • Emphasis on relationship-building with direct and indirect stakeholders in the cause.
  • Quality-conscious while adopting realistic approach towards magnitude of the problem.
"We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world." ~ Helen Keller ~
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