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Services - Rural Rehabilitation
Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities residing in Rural Areas

As the information of 2001, census goes,  there are 163.8 lakh disabled people live in rural areas.  Maharashtra has 10,23,371 disabled living in rural areas.

With all the best of efforts, the rehabilitation service has not reached still to those disabled living in remote villages or disabled due to non accessibility and attitudinal barrier, dependently and poverty cannot take the services offered to them? Keeping this in view NASEOH decided to initiate need bared programmes in one of the drought hit district of Maharashtra in the year 1981 with the following objectives :
  • Identification of disabled and their needs.
  • Organizing Mobility aids.
  • Organizing training program from the locally available resources.
  • Planning and helping in the rehabilitation process after the training is completed.
  • Facilitating the involvement of local administration for extending total support to the disabled fraternity.
Organising awareness and advocacy program to sensitize the disabled on their rights and also the act governing them.
  • Encouraging disabled to set up self help groups.
  • To tie up with local NGOs for facilitating intervention.
  • Referral services.
  • Follow up and documentation.
Currently NASEOH is working at Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Karjat Tehsil has been chosen for intervention.  Besides this, a short term program also was undertaken at Hinganghat Tehsil, Wardha District, in association with All India Apang Kalyankar Bahuddeshiya Sanstha, one of our state network partner.
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