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Success Stories
Success Stories
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Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Story given by Ganesh :
Dear Madam,
I am writing this letter, to thank you & entire NASEOH-India faculty members as well as executives for giving me an opportunity in M/s. Rai's Coastal Consultancy Pvt Ltd as a 'Telephone Operator' in year April 2000, when I was just 10th Passed with computer operating knowledge.

During that grey days, It was so difficult to have computer knowledge and Job opportunities, but I can say it is just a magic of NASEOH'S faculty members, they encouraged for participating in training programmes & Learning -Speaking English, group discussion, which helped me in serving with M/s. Rai's Coastal Consultancy Pvt Ltd & M/s. Coastal Marine Construction & Engg Ltd for 11 yrs.

My 11 yrs work journey will not completed if I am not naming Cdr. D. Rai, Chairman, He is very humanitarian & generous. Still remember, once he was dictating me a business letter but while that I was not that much fluent to trace him on word to word basis, I was confused & scared as he was Commander of Indian Navy (Retd.), He taught me how to break without word as with - out thereafter joined distance education & completed BA - Psychology & Economics. In his company i held last designation as Sr. Operation Executive & my role was to have day to day basis correspondence with Client (ONGC, Reliance, Gujarat Petroleum , British Gas etc).

Last year, I left M/s. Coastal Marine Construction & Engg Ltd for better prospect and avoiding traveling hurdle as it was located in Mira Road - Dist Thane (Western Line) & I was dwelling in Kanjurmarg - West, Suburban-Mumbai (Central Line). On daily hrs basis i was spending three & half hrs in traveling Kanjurag to Dadar (30 min) & Dadar to Miraroad (50 Min) & return.

Now, I have joined M/s. Swiber Offshore Pte Ltd - MNC, Singapore based, It is located in Pawai - Mumbai, just near to my residence. they have giving me 20k as monthly composition and Medical facilities.
As completed BA in BA - Psychology & Economics & also pursuing further distance education in social science, which will aid my disable friends. In this regards, I would be very pleased to accept your valuable suggetion for my participation in social welfare.
Thanking you,

Prakash Fonsica :
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Pvt. Ltd.
I had just completed my Graduation and with the help of my Dad just got my first job in a Placement Center. The pay was little, the pressure of work – very less and no benefits of any kind. Even a day of being sick, meant a cut in my wages – but the things to learn, in terms of knowledge and skill, were vast. This is where I said, I thank God for placing me in a place where I can learn. I kept looking out for better opportunities and better options, but that did not stop me from the urge to learn. I changed many jobs – almost every year or every one and half year. It did get trying at times but, I did not loose hope. When God makes you, He makes you with a lot of talent and skill. Not all of it was known to me. My Parents, Teachers, Friends and colleagues helped me discover the skill and talent they saw in me. I chose those areas of skills I felt comfortable or strong to work in, and continued polishing them. Looking back on my life today, I see that in those situations which I though were the darkest of my life, I learned the most.

Today I am well settled, both in my job and in life. I have also married and am happy. There is no Short cut to success but hard work.

Anita Raghunath Phofekar :

Determined, perseverance, hard work, faith and positive outlook says Anita which changed her life journey. Anita a student of NASEOH after completing successfully the computer course worked as a Data Entry Operator and thereafter as  a Call Centre Operator earning anywhere between Rs.4500 and 6000 per month. Not happy with the salary she was getting, she always prevailed on NASEOH to find a better placement for her.

NASEOH has known Anita for her quality work and also commitment, promised here that they will look our for a better placement for her in future. NASEOH was contacted by HSBC to refer a suitable candidate for a temporary telephone operator’s job. As promised NASEOH referred Anita for the interview and she was selected. It was a 3 month contract and he was paid Rs.9000/- per month.

In the beginning Anita said that she felt very uneasy because of her communication in English was poor, even though she was graduate. To overcome this challenge, Anita decided to join English speaking course and completed it very successfully. Pleased with Anita’s positive outlook to work, dedication and good behaviour, her H.R. Vice President and H.R. Secretaries decided to extend her service for one year. Anita says that was in 2004 and she felt very happy that HSBC found her work highly satisfying. Anita continued her work efficiently and did not mind climbing the ladder slowly she always felt that there is a silver lining and never gave up her effort.  In the third year Anita was offered a posting in the call centre. However, Anita refused to accept this post and convinced her employers about her capabilities for a better post. In 2007, HSBC promoted her as a receptionist. Smilingly Anita said that her pay packet for the first month as receptionist was Rs.20,000/- Anita added further, “because of my sincere effort and positive attitude, I know I have succeeded in my job and from 1st April 2009 my take home salary is Rs.38,000/-

Anita laments that if you look at our family, my father is working as booking clerk at Sahakar Plaza. He has studied upto XI standard. My mother is illiterate. She sells fish at Chembur, I have one elder sister and one brother younger to me, all have been brought up with same love and affection I owe my deepest gratitude to my father who always encouraged me for my studies and never made me feel that I am disable. My mother gave all the financial support for my studies and for my tuitions. I became disabled due to polio at the age of 2 ½ years. Thought I say that most of the  time I feel my life has been very pleasant and enriching but there were times I used to feel sad, frustrated especially when my brother could not appreciate me and my point of view. Any difficulty I always confided to with my two best friends of my college days. They always lifted my spirit. I am indeed grateful to them. She thanked NASEOH fro helping her to get a break through in her career. Anita has gone on record to say 2 people in HSBC who played a very important role in her life, one is Ms.Nurgees Merchant, HRD, I would like to remember her always as ‘Angle’ in my life and Ms.Ayesha who trained me on my receptionist job. Anita has a big dream. She wants to Head H.R.Department. Currently she is pursuing her MBA in H.R. from Somaya College.

Anita feels immensely happy that she is not only able to help her family but also to meet the financial demand of her studies.

Anita cheerfully ends her conversation – “If I get a proper match I may think of getting married but not now.”

Sharad Shankar Patil :
Sharad Shankar Patil was referred by NASEOH  to NSK Financial and Management Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd. in the year 1999 for Computer Operator’s job.  Sharad did his computer Basic course at NASEOH.  Sharad is afflicted by  polio in his right leg from an early age.  Joined as a trainee with NSK Financial & Management Consultancy, Sharad – through his hard work, sincerity and trust worthiness earned the confidence of his employer.  While doing his routine job, Sharad also acquired additional skills in accounting package, investment package, all process required for Back office, which made him to handle the company’s job independently with positive attitude.

Sharad, as the time went by became so efficient, Employer considered him for accountant’s job and promoted him for this job.  Now within a span of 8 years Sharad became Accountant, earning Rs.10,000 + perk per month. Sharad is just a matriculate, hailing from a middle class family, but this did not deter him to take up challenges and opportunities thrown at him, and thus became a successful employee.

This efficient employee won laurel in the year 2008, Lalji Mehrotra Foundation Award for Excellence in the category of Orthopaedically Handicapped was conferred on him by NASEOH.  Sharad is happily married man.  As Jerry Fillies writes “You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need”, so is the life story of Sharad.
"We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world." ~ Helen Keller ~
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